Self Care Journal

The self-care journal is in development.

The journal project was created with love for my community of activists. In early May 2018 at the Asia-Pacific Rainbow Families Forum (APRFF), I noticed a deep undercurrent of conversations between SOGIE. activists who were also parents on self care and the experience of burn out for activists. Following this in Thailand for the Pride in the Humanitarian System Consultations in June 2018, I noticed the same thing. Activists from SE Asia, Sth Asia and the Pacific talking to each other about how busy they were and how they needed some time out to look after themselves. This led me on a journey of noticing how I didn’t look after myself very well. How I didn’t take time out when needed. I didn’t give myself permission to do things that are nourishing and healthy for my mental health, my emotional health, my physical self and my heart self. 

Self-care is about creating and maintaining practices that help sustain one’s energy and spirit in whatever life path you choose. It also makes you a better friend, community member, lover, partner and caregiver. I notice that when I give to others but neglect myself, feelings of resentment can sometime arise because I sacrifice my own needs. Taking care of myself allows me to enjoy time with others while also sustaining myself. Self-care is not selfish. Self-care is being intentional in your day to reflect, nurture your body, remember your heart, grieve your sorrows and attend to your daily needs. 

As community activists we often make time for everything, and everyone but not intentional time for ourselves. Our work is often underpaid (or not paid) and undervalued with high amounts of stress and trauma. Some of us end our careers in the field early or we burn out slowly. This journal is an opportunity to engage with your own bodies, hearts, and minds to elevate your current self-care practices and reflect on how they can be expanded. 

The journal combines information about trauma and self-care with practices and exercises you can use in your daily life. It’s a living document, something to help in our ongoing journey to self-care and community care. 

There are daily invitations for you to reflect, pause, journal, dance and sing while attending to your needs. I hope that you use the exercises, reflections and practices to think through intentional self-care. You can do them under the covers, with a loved one or in a crowded city street.

The journal is not yet completed, and once it is, I need to hand it over to a designer and then publish it.

I invite you to come on this journal of exploring the concepts of radical wellbeing for activists as I develop this resource for our communities.

Below are screen shots of the draft version of “The Art of Radical Self Care: A Journal for Activists’.

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