Matcha’s Self Care Journey

By Matcha Phorn-in

*Content includes references to sexual assault and hate crimes.

Before I go to bed tonight,
I have some questions, do answer if you come across this post.
It’s very important for me.

If you are my Facebook followers
You maybe wonder, why I post so many outdoor activities. Mostly it’s about my exercise routine in the past year.

The reality is like many other LGBTIQ Women Human Rights Defender’s (WHRDs), I faced post traumatic stress disorder as a result from my personal experiences as a survivor from sexual assault – and my experience as a survivor from hate crimes in retribution against me as a lesbian women human right defender.

I am trying to survive in very difficult situations like other WHRDs who faced the same challenges, but I also want to expanded my experiences a little bit by trying to develop it as a framework that can be implemented at all levels. 

Ideally I would like to establish a wellbeing program for young feminist activist. Unfortunately it is impossible because my organization faces financial challenges. We can’t afford it and/or establish it as a program, therefore we are trying to do it our own way with zero budget.

Here is how you can be involved.
If my Facebook posts influences you at any level including: at a personal, organisational and/or movement levels – I would like to hear from all of you. I would like to hear what has influenced you – as I have now completed a year long wellbeing practice, with zero budget, but full of commitment. 

I hope to hear from you because it will help me to reflect on what I can do in very limited conditions, but as the same time my biggest dream is to establish it as a program for necessary for young feminist activist/HRDs. 

Thank you in advance 

Matcha Phornin is a friend and activist. She is the founder of Sangsan Anakot Yawachon Development Project in Thailand. She is a board member of International Family Equality Day, and on the board of ILGA Foundation at ILGA ASIA and APWLD – Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development. She is also the Country Coordinator at V-Day. You can follow Matcha’s wellbeing journey via her facebook page

A photo of Match practicing yoga in the early morning.

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